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SuperHuman Arts

SuperHuman Arts creates a safe and welcoming community that benefits both members of SHA and our surrounding communities. Despite constant roadblocks presented to us, we have persevered. We strive to create an accessible, safe, and loving environment where everyone is celebrated and valued. 


SuperHuman Arts (SHA) is a Boston-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting feminist and queer theater. SuperHuman Arts exclusively produces shows that feature primarily women, non-binary, and queer actors and characters. SHA aspires to create a space for marginalized groups in theater to have opportunities to play true characters and tell their stories. 

Both amateur and professional theater organizations have the tendency to foster toxic and competitive work environments and uphold negative tropes in casting and productions. SuperHuman Arts’ mission is to bring joy to theater and challenge these ignorant tropes. SuperHuman Arts doesn’t focus on producing stars; instead SHA focuses on building communities and helping members to grow as individuals. After eight years of working as an assistant director and assistant stage manager at a nonprofit theater company in their hometown, Carter-Quinn Tanis was inspired to establish their own nonprofit theater organization with an emphasis on uplifting marginalized groups. Carter-Quinn founded SuperHuman Arts, originally named Bechdel Theater Group, in 2019, and through the pandemic has since grown the organization to involve over sixty students from multiple universities in Boston. Starting in September 2022, SuperHuman Arts will be expanding to New York City with a new chapter based at the Powerstation at BerkleeNYC. 

SuperHuman Arts is a beacon of light to those who want to involve themselves in theater in an environment that will value and accept them no matter their race, sexuality, gender, size, religion, or identity.


Miriam Kyzer

SuperHuman Arts has provided me with a supportive space to explore and push the boundaries of the types of characters I can play in the world of theater. I’m fortunate to have met such a warm and talented community during my time in college, and am eager to continue working with my friends in SHA post-graduation. 


Tanisha Lokwani

As school started in the fall of 2021, I auditioned for the very first play I would be a part of, and got a role in SuperHuman Arts’ production of Bernarda Alba. Under the care and direction of the brilliant Carter Quinn, I not only found a place for myself, but also a group of the most talented people I had ever met. I am proud to say that I am now involved on the SHA team, because there is no bigger cause I believe in than creating community in theatre. I am also proud to say that the place that was made for me at SHA is, and will be unlike any other. Through this community, I found a kind of family, and a sense of home.


Audrey Robinson

As a disabled musician, I have always felt anxiety around participating in shows. Being a part of superhuman arts has been life-changing. Accessibility is seamlessly built into blocking, and the team feels like a family. My undergraduate experience at Berklee would have been far worse if not for SHA. 


List of Productions

First Lady Suite (2019) 

Age of Aquarius Cabaret (2020) 

Bernarda Alba (2022) 

The Willard Suitcases (2022)

SHAlloween Cabaret (2022) 

Miscast Cabaret (2022) 

Playing Dead (2023)

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