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Music by: Chingyen (Oscar) Chang
Book and Lyrics by:
Carter Quinn Tanis and Timothy L. Michuda

"Take a Quack At It!" is the rock 'n roll sequel to "The Ugly Duckling". Our story follows Topher, a shy, introverted, duckling who is really good at playing the guitar, but doesn't ever play their music with other duckies. After Topher's parents drop them off at Beaklee Rock Camp, Topher is inspired by the Bill-board-topping super swan The Ugly Duckling himself, who now goes by the stage name "Tud". Inspired by Tud's mud-to-riches story, Topher waddles out of rock camp to find Tud, and along the way learns some lessons from some animal friends in the forest. But while Topher is gone, the camp director reveals his good Intentions are not all they're quacked up to be...

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Carter Quinn Tanis

Timothy Michuda

Chingyen (Oscar) Chang

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